Muhammad Khalid Makes Malaysians Proud As He Describes Our Country In The Most Beautiful Way In Korea's Popular Variety Show Abnormal Submit!!! - The Coverage

Muhammad Khalid Makes Malaysians Proud As He Describes Our Country In The Most Beautiful Way In Korea’s Popular Variety Show Abnormal Submit!!!

I have always stood proudly for Malaysia despite our shortcomings! And just recently, a Malaysian, Muhammad Khalid hailing from Kelantan gave an almost-to-perfect description of what Malaysia is all about in a Korean programme.

In one of Korea’s most popular variety show, Abnormal Submit, during the 95th episode, Khalid made his appearance as the special guest on that day. Even though he had a strong Kelantanese accent, he still spoke hangul with a clear and precise tone.

During the whole meet and greet session with the hosts and other guests on set, Khalid was given the chance to introduce what is Malaysia and what each of us represents that makes up the beautiful country and it’s society.

Even as 29-year-old was explaining his way of portraying Malaysia, it intrigued the interest and curiosity of the rest of the guests and hosts, which led to more questions regarding our beautiful nation.

All the highlights that were mentioned during this segment also included the iconic Petronas Twin Tower, the variety of celebrations and public holidays that we Malaysians get to enjoy, our famous ‘nasi lemak’ and ‘teh tarik’, even the guests and hosts were given a chance to taste our very own Maggi curry! Which they enjoyed very much!

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Khalid also talked about the Malayan tiger and the Orangutans, in which he did explain that we are still in efforts to keep the endangered species safe from going extinct. And not forgetting that we have one of the top 3 most beautiful sunsets in the world at the Kota Kinabalu island. One of the guests who has also been to Kota Kinabalu vouched that it was worth the trip!

Take a look at how Khalid proudly described Malaysia to the fans of Kpop! And F.Y.I Malaysian Kpop fans are just flooding this man with praises.

Abnormal Summit – Malaysian Guest Khalid

[VIRAL] Malaysian guest in the popular variety show Abnormal Summit (비정상회담) Muhamad Khalid~! Really nicely explained and so proud as Malaysian! 😃💪💪💪👏👏👏 p.s kecek korea pom bulih dengar slang kelatey tuu 😆😆 🙌🙌Episode: 95Sub & Video credits KShowOnline cut & shared via Azie Azri

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