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Netizens Wants To Copy Tun M, Buying What He Buys

Ever since Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad became our 7th Prime Minister, the rakyat is starting to look forward to every waking day. There’s no need to complain about GST and no more worries of oil prices rising every Wednesday. Tun M is like an idol in Malaysia, each and every Malaysians won’t turn their eyes and ears away whenever Tun M is on TV!

Tun M is so well-known now that netizens began to focus on what he wears, eats, and shops, from his favorite brand of pens to the brand of his footwear. People these days have a sharp eye for detail!

#1. Berocca

Source: Langit Biru

With eyes sharp like the eagles, netizens were able to detect the secret to Tun M’s healthy mind and body in an image of Tun M’s dinner with his wife Dr. Siti Hasmah. A green and orange container can be spotted at the right side of Tun M’s dinner plate!

Source: Langit Biru

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That is Berocca, a mineral and vitamin supplement that can enhance one’s mental and physical intelligence when taken daily.

Berocca can help in:

► Boosting stamina and energy

► Improve concentration and mental performance

► Reduces fatigue

#2. Pilot Pen

Source: Langit Biru

Perhaps many did not notice but in most pictures of Tun M, a white and black stripped pen is always visible. The pen is always in his chest pocket of his shirts and if it doesn’t have any pockets, he would insert the pen between two buttons down his shirt.

Source: Langit Biru

The pen seen in photographs of our PM is not any luxury branded pen like Lamy or Parker, but it’s just a Pilot Ball Liner pen that only costs RM4.30!

Source: Langit Biru

Source: Langit Biru

Even the signature of the swearing-in ceremony, Tun M still used the same pen! Because of Tun M using this particular pen, netizens will be crowding shops to purchase the same exact pen until it runs out of stock!

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Source: Langit Biru

#3. Bata Slipper

Source: Langit Biru

If you’re planning to buy branded shoes like Yeezy or any other hipster shoes for the upcoming Raya celebration, forget about all those brands! The reason is that these slippers are in trend among Malaysians as Tun M himself personally had bought and wore the slippers!

Source: Langit Biru

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of ringgit buying sandals or shoes, get this! It’s only RM11.99 and you can get it online at Bata’s official website!

#4. Brands Outlet

Source: Langit Biru

Unprecedented about the Bata slippers issue, an image showing Tun M and his wife shopping at a local clothing store, Brands Outlet went viral. Unlike any other ministers or those who practice other high-end lifestyles, Tun M and Dr. Siti Hasmah seem to be more modest in clothing and need not wear blouses or shirts from Armani, Versace, and Prada.

#5. G-Shock and Casio Watches

Source: Langit Biru

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Prior to PRU14, Tun M made a surprise auction of his G-Shock ‘Rangeman’ watch along with his signature. Although the red digital watch is priced at RM900 only, it has been sold for RM13,000!

Source: Langit Biru

Aside from the G-Shock watch, the Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Tide Graph has also gone viral. Netizens have compared the price of RM1,020 with Najib’s former watch worth tens of thousands of ringgit.

Source: Langit Biru

Regardless of anything, we’re very impressed with Tun M and Dr. Siti Hasmah’s humble attitude by buying inexpensive items. You don’t need named goods to live a comfortable life! As long as you’re covered, safe, and happy, that’s what matters! We hope Malaysians would follow Tun M and Dr. Siti Hasmah’s example of the way of life.

Long live Tun! May God bless you with good health and long life! Malaysia loves you!

(Source: Langit Biru)

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