[OMG] Receipt Over RM78,000 Spent On Dinner In KL By A Group Of 12 Will Blow Your Mind!! - The Coverage

[OMG] Receipt Over RM78,000 Spent On Dinner In KL By A Group Of 12 Will Blow Your Mind!!

No kidding now is the worst time to go for vacation or enjoy a fancy meal when our currency sucks like sh*t. Prices on everything are rising and the only thing staying more steady than our life is our SALARY! What is going on?!

Even a mere RM10 spent on one meal is outrageous! It is too expensive for one meal and that doesn’t even include drinks! How many of you agree with me on this one? But with all of our complaints, the rich doesn’t seem to be affected by it at all!!

A jaw-dropping photo of a receipt was just uploaded to a closed Facebook Group hours ago. It shows a receipt priced at RM78,478.80 including GST and service charge! What the h*ll??

Although the name of the restaurant was not shown, our tech-savvy netizens found out the restaurant through the GST ID number. It is at Marble 8 and it is located at Menara 3 PETRONAS, Persiaran KLCC!! It makes perfect sense why it’s expensive now!

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Take a close look at the receipt! The most expensive item on the receipt is the wine and the Cristal Champagne, while the Caviar and the Tomahawk are the most expensive food on the receipt.

If you split the bill equally to 12 parties each of them is paying RM6,539.90 per person. Do you know how many RM1.50 nasi lemak(s) I can buy with that amount of money? Approximately 4,359 packs of RM1.50 nasi lemak!!!

There is no mention of the occasion of the dinner but for RM78,478.00, you can easily pay off the down payment on a house and you’d probably even get some change back!

If you think everyone feel ‘time is hard’ this post will just change your mind!

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