Pictures Of 'Clear Flood Waters' In Pattaya Has Been Causing Much Laughter Among Netizens! - The Coverage

Pictures Of ‘Clear Flood Waters’ In Pattaya Has Been Causing Much Laughter Among Netizens!

Obviously, some people just have too much time on their hands…can these people lend me some of their time too?

On May 27, a Facebook page shared a series of photoshopped pictures of the recent flood and amazingly this silly creation has entertained many with over 23,000 re-postings.

At one point it does seem like they were trying to go after the whole cleanliness image that Japan has created. Remember the time when Japan’s underground train station was flooded with clear waters?


Or the time when it made the headlines that their drainage was so clean till fishes actually live and breed in them?

Yea…it kinda seem like the Thais were trying to approach this image but with a funnier twist to it.

These were the original pictures of the flood scene:

These were the ones that were uploaded and become a hit! Basically, they turned the whole pool of water into a dreamy beach-brought-back-to-town.

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