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Polish Women Married To Malaysian Men Revealed The Beauty Of Learning Different Cultures

Did you know that it is very beautiful when two different customs come together at a wedding, this is why marriage is so beautiful!

Polish brides Wiola Krolik and Wiola Parzych said they learned about different wedding customs after their marriages to their Malaysian husbands. Both who share the same first name, the same hometown of Parma in central Poland as well as being married to Malaysian men.

Krolik and Parzych decided to have a wedding showcase at the Embassy of Poland in Kuala Lumpur to introduce the Polish customs. The brides revealed some eye opening tidbits on what makes a Polish wedding distinctly unique, such as the symbolic presentation of salt and bread.

In Polish customs, the bread symbolized hope so that the soon-to-be husband and wife will never starve. The salt symbolizes the difficulties in life as well as the importance of learning how to cook.

One very interesting fact that Krolik shared was that Polish women wear traditional clothes weighing as heavy as 30 kilograms on their wedding! That’s carrying three bags of 10kg rice! 

Just like any other wedding, we all have toasts! But in Polish weddings, their toast is a little bit different, they toast with two shot glasses, one filled with water and the other with vodka.

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Krolik explains that the person who ends up drinking the glass containing vodka will become the head of the family. Woah! Can the guys take it if they’re not the head of the family?

It is not like they did not learn of our Malaysian Chinese custom, the brides took part in a Chinese tea ceremony and wore traditional Chinese Cheongsam.

I wish to see them in Cheongsam, they would look so pretty! Ah, the beauty of different customs and culture! It’s simply wonderful!

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