REGRET BEING BORN: Man Risks Everything By Ordering Extra Spicy Pad Thai At Street Fare - The Coverage

REGRET BEING BORN: Man Risks Everything By Ordering Extra Spicy Pad Thai At Street Fare

Where are my food lovers? Whether you are a foodie or a food lover (yes, there is a difference), you’d love to try something different once in a while right? What about spice? Are you an enthusiast of spicy food?

Logan Doan is a man with a ridiculously high tolerance for any mouth-burning dish – or so he thinks. The Jacksonville, Florida resident trekked to the Hawkers Asian Street Fare last week while on his lunch break during work. He ordered an “extra spicy” pad Thai.

When he received his order, the receipt is emblazoned with the word “Spicy” a staggering 17 times, followed by the phrase ‘MAKE HIM REGRET BEING BORN.’

Source: Reddit

It is believed that the number of “Spicy” entries could’ve meant the number of chili ingredients since Doan’s pad Thai was topped with a mound of pepper flakes.

Doan posted the photo of his receipt on Reddit under the handle name, Lowghen, and has since got viral with over 125,000 upvotes.

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While Doan was able to survive the scorching ordeal, he admitted that the dish was basically a “low key suicide attempt”.

Doan claimed he felt just peachy after eating his lunch.

“Some folks in my office thought I was crazy for eating it, but I didn’t really get a rush from it.”

Other Redditors came out with their experiences with daredevil-like attempts to stomach similar orders to Doan’s but failed.

One user, sfgeek recounted the time he asked for a “Thai-spicy” level of heat in his dish.

“I hallucinated. It was so hot, my friend had to help me to the car.”

Another Reddit user, drinkingspaghetti, shared his horrible experience with facing his worst Pho that he describes as like having a “flame-filled orgy” in his chest.

While chili lovers are likely to live a longer life, extreme cases such as the ones above might just cut it short instead.

Damn, don’t risk your tongue when you can’t take it!

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What’s your take on this? Are you up for super spicy food?

(Source: Next Shark / Munchies)

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