RM360 Wedding Angpao Sends A 30-Year-Old Friendship Down The Drain - The Coverage

RM360 Wedding Angpao Sends A 30-Year-Old Friendship Down The Drain

Know your wedding angpao rates people! And moreover, stop being so calculative and materialistic without understanding your friend’s financial background!

So, as we all know that during a Chinese wedding ceremony, the guests of the event are ‘supposed’ to prepare a ‘heavy’ angpao for the newly wedded couple, right?

Well, it seems that during one wedding ceremony that took place in Taiwan, things did not go as smoothly when the father of the groom ended up in a bit of a ‘war’ with his friend of 30 years.

Apparently, the wedding dinner that Lee hosted for his son was the extravagant type by a which single table cost about RM2,800. Lee who had his friend Leow over for the dinner was gifted with an angpao worth of RM368 only while his other friends gave him roughly about RM500.

Probably, being the calculative man that he is, Lee made a huge fuss about it in a group chat and pretty much accused Leow of taking advantage of him.

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Obviously, when someone is being slandered baselessly, that person will surely ‘explode’ in fury. So, Leow not wanting to have any of this nonsense, decided to bring things up to the court under the name of ‘defamation’.

I would say that these two friends are quite the dramatics, aren’t they?

Despite, the prosecutor advising Leow to drop the case to save their friendship, this stubborn man was determined to prove that he wasn’t being stingy at all.

Well, it is kind of sucky when your old friend doesn’t realise that you have already retired from work and have very limited funds in the bank all while needing to support your own family. But hey, both of these ‘childish’ men should really stop being brats and apologise to one another.

For now, there’s no info about how did the case go on or who won the court battle and what not. Just…let this be a lesson to the younger generation that one should never be too calculative and stubborn.

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