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A Run With Davina Goh, Ambassador Of The Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run

Davina Goh a super witty and energetic sports enthusiast is one of the faces of the Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run that will be held on the 22 July 2017 at Serdang.

She is a performer and a plant-based lifestyle advocate. But that’s not all that makes up this one inspiring woman. She also used to be an actress, publisher for a magazine company, and managing events for a solid 9 years.

All while dipping her foot into theatre and musicals. She also works on and off as an MC and a writer which she had stopped getting involved in since 2012.

You must be wondering how did she manage to keep up with all of that, right? Well, it was only for that few years that she could keep up with it but eventually gave in. And that was when she took charge of her own life and turned into something that she would end up cherishing forever.

Davina told us that she one day just decided to just leave all her things and flew to China to live and train with the Shaolin warrior monks for 8 months.

After she accomplished what she was aiming for, she came back and became a regular on a radio station, Light FM while doing freelance jobs ever since. She loves the lifestyle that she is having now, a balance between all aspects.

One can only wonder what snapped in someone’s mind to make such a drastic change, and you will be amazed or find it rather odd as Davina’s turning point in life came, when she felt she was too bored of her hectic routine.

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She also admits that she was feeling a little too safe and complacent about life.

“I was working in a brilliant event management company…but I was working there for so long that I saw my boss date and get married and have kids and the kids were calling me aunty…”

“I don’t know if I want this life.”

That’s when she thought to herself that there’s definitely more to this life than just that. Which was also when she decided to step out from her comfort zone and take risks.

Despite not having any knowledge or training about martial arts prior to her journey to China, she embraced every moment of it as she trained alongside other international athletes who also left whatever they were doing to train in the mountains.

After the intense training, she became almost like a Wonder Woman, her fitness was at her best, her mind, body and soul were in its strongest form.

And let’s not forget to mention that apart from bringing back her better self, she also found her husband there! Now they are kind of labelled as the Kungfu Couple amongst their friends and family.

When we asked her what is she planning to do next since she had already covered the Shaolin training, to our surprise, she said it was learning the Ving Tsun martial arts. This new interest of hers ignited when she was going through her tough training up in the mountains of China when she received a message of support from the most sought after 60-year-old Sifu David Peterson.

For now, she has not been able to meet the master in person, but don’t worry the both of them have been keeping in touch regularly, so we might just be able to have a look at the wonders of this martial arts through Davina’s experiences.

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Davina is not all about getting tough either, she also runs a Facebook page and a Youtube channel called Davina Da Vegan where she shares her plant-based diet with her viewers as she first hand experienced getter better in terms of health-wise, strength and even a better body shape.

She also shares tips on where to find the best vegan spots all around Klang Valley, so if you are a veggie enthusiast, you might want to take a look at her channel.

Truth be told…wait for it guys…

Despite her active lifestyle in sports, Davina has never run a marathon before! Surprising, right? So, how come she is the face of a run then…well IMO, I think it’s because the healthy and sporty lifestyle that she lives inspires people to be as active.

I am sure that some can even relate to her, as they too will be having their first run during this MHWH Night Run. Don’t get me wrong, Davina is a runner, but she has never run for that long of a distance though she had to run for 10km on Fridays back in her training days in China.

So now, she has a very good feeling that she will be able to complete this new obstacle as she has the proper mental training to help her endure it.

We did realise that Davina’s lifestyle and involvement in sports do inspire others so we asked her how’d she feel about that.

“I think inspiration doesn’t need to come from somebody like me, I mean, I think I would maybe just plant a seed in somebody because I was able to overcome my fear doing a marathon but everyone has their own fears and if I can inspire just one person to go to the gym or go for a brisk walk at their neighbourhood then that would be great.”

Davina is not taking this run lightly either as she has already been training with a personal trainer to increase her core and muscle strength just so she could last throughout the run.

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This vegan inspirationist is also all for being in the moment and fighting obstacles as they come. Currently, one of her goals is to inspire Malaysians to integrate more healthy eating and fitness into their daily life.

We could not just let Davina go without telling us what was her ‘mantra’ that keeps her going to which she replied,

“Upholding martial spirit…it implies that when times are tough just soldier on and just keep that fighting spirit at all times.”

And she also strongly wishes that all the runners will have this spirit in them.

Lastly, this was her words of encouragement to get the runners pumped up;

“Have fun with fitness…I hope that the runners of MHWH Night Run will be able to take back a sense of achievement that will inspire them to accomplish more achievements in their life.”










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