10-Year-Old Boy Is Dating A Famous Model And Bought Her iPhone X On Christmas Eve - The Coverage

10-Year-Old Boy Is Dating A Famous Model And Bought Her iPhone X On Christmas Eve

How many of you can recall what age you were when you first started dating? Probably the average age for dating would be around 13 and up, right? But in this generation, kids as young as 8-year-old get themselves hooked up in relationships.

As much as parents try to shield their children, kids will still learn about relationships from their peers! Don’t be surprised if your 8-year-old daughter comes home one day claiming that she has a boyfriend!

On Christmas eve, a young boy who goes by the name of Nantapong Kidwapattana, posted his date on his Facebook wall and netizens were mind blown.

It’s understandable that a man can date a pretty girl, but he is only 10 years old and he’s able to date a famous and gorgeous model who is also a DJ and years his senior! We can already see many guys getting jealous of the youngen.

Source: Facebook

He wrote in his post,

“Today, I’m bringing my girl out for a movie. Since she’s such an adorable girl, I’ve bought her an iPhone X worth 47,000 baht (RM5,800) as a present.”

“This phone is a reward for our love. Merry Christmas.”

Source: Facebook

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Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Nantapong even included a few sweet and romantic pictures of him and his beautiful date.

Just like any other couple, they snapped a photo of the doing the hand-heart gesture formed with their fingers.

Source: Facebook

His Christmas Eve date went viral with over 56,000 shares and counting at the time of writing. Of course, tech-savvy netizens managed to quickly identify the model, who is a well-known model in Bangkok.

It is learned that the model who goes by the handle name of Rky Thitiworada has over 225,000 followers on Instagram, most of her photos received over thousands of likes.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Although the post is viral, it also garnered mixed reactions from netizens, some commented,

“This goes to show that cash is king; and you can do anything if you’re rich, including finding a hot date.”

“This kid got a date with her because of his superpower of being rich.”

If you guys are happy together, then do you, boo!

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Their love story is indeed a shocker, but it goes to show just what you can achieve with money these days, somehow, you’ll start to question yourself, “What about being genuinely in love regardless of money?” Sadly, in this society, there are more money hungry people than there are humble people. 

I’m not saying that being money hungry is a wrong thing, it can be a good thing if both parties put their fair share into the relationship. 

What do you think of the couple’s love story? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

(Source WOB / Facebook)

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