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12 Students From An Indonesian School Shockingly Got Pregnant At The Same Time

Recently, the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (PKBI) was shocked when they found out that there were 12 teenage girls who were all pregnant at the same time. We’re shocked too!

The discovery was made at a secondary school in Lampung, Sumatera when PKBI made some checks and made the disturbing revelation.

The director of PKBI, Dwi Hafsah Handayani said that at first, the school tried to keep these pregnancies a secret from them and told PKBI that all their students were clean. However, after they did some testing, they found out that 12 of the female students were all expecting.

Source: Bangkapos

The pregnant students are from grades seven, eight, and nine, which means they’re only 12 to 15 years old!

Based on PKBI’s survey around Lampung, they found that at least 100 condoms were sold in a month from pharmacies around the area. Other items that were bestsellers include pregnancy tests as well. At least they know the importance of playing safe or they tried to.

Dwi Hafsah said that this was a worrying phenomenon and urged schools to be more aggressive in disciplining students. She added that parents also play a huge role in ensuring that their children were kept away from immoral activities and advised them to keep a closer eye on their kids.

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Source: Chiang Rai Times

It’s certainly a shock to the majority of us that so many students got pregnant at the same time! We hope that they will be given the necessary assistance!

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(Source: WOB / Bangkapos)

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1 Comment

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