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Cambodian Actress Playing As A Ghost Gets Possessed By One And Attacked Fellow Actress

Many people would say that when filming a ghost movie, the talents and crew must do their best to never offend the spirits from the other realm. On top of respecting the spirits, the person who is acting as the ghost for the movie must have a strong faith and isn’t weak spiritually.

Recently, a video went viral on social media with over 7,000 shares and 16 million views after an actress who was playing as a ghost character got possessed by a spirit and injured a fellow actress at the set.

Source: Otai Viral

The incident took place in Cambodia when the production crew was filming for a ghost movie. However, the actress who was playing the ghost character got possessed in the process.

The possessed actress proceeded to attack another actress leaving a light wound on her neck, she was believed to have been choked with a thin wire and was left traumatized.

Source: Otai Viral

In the viral video, the production crew can be seen trying to talk with the spirit to leave the actress’ body and place.

Meanwhile, several Malaysians with their amazing ‘humor’ trying to make the situation lighter by commenting,

“They’re acting in a ghost film. The actress who is playing the ghost character kept getting the lines messed up. In the end, she got tired of acting and stayed in a room all alone. She was sulking because she couldn’t act properly.

“The other woman got stressed because her acting partner is not good at acting. She ran out of the house and got caught on a clothes drying line (string/wire) that explains the wire marks on her neck.”

Source: Otai Viral

Source: Otai Viral



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(Source: Otai Viral)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rebecca Lee

    February 22, 2018 at 15:00

    There are lots of ghosts around us. Some are good but some are evil. I noticed that when they film the ghost movie, ( The Chinese movies companies ) they always get someone who can control the ghosts – Chinese Priests with them. Hope everyone is fine now.

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