China Eastern Airlines Flight Attendant Fired After Accepting BF's Romantic In-Flight Wedding Proposal - She Was Immediately Terminated From Her Job - The Coverage

China Eastern Airlines Flight Attendant Fired After Accepting BF’s Romantic In-Flight Wedding Proposal – She Was Immediately Terminated From Her Job

Many girls dream of having a magical marriage proposal from their man, as it is very romantic and only happens once in your lifetime. However, this flight attendant received a rather unpleasant ‘wedding gift’ from her boss after she accepted her boyfriend’s romantic proposal.

The boyfriend of the 26-year-old flight attendant surnamed Jiao, who was on a China Eastern Airlines flight from Xi’an to Yichuan, pleasantly surprised her when he suddenly showed up on the flight.

According to ET Today, the proposal took place on May 19, 2018. Half an hour into the flight, Jiao’s boyfriend of four years made his appearance known.

He kneeled down in front of her and with all the other passengers as witnesses, he proposed to Jiao with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a diamond ring. She was moved to tears and accepted his proposal, to the delight of other passengers who applauded when the happy couple hugged.

Source: ET Today

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Shortly after that, Jiao made a flight announcement thanking the passengers for their support and thought nothing of it until her superiors asked her to meet them.

It turns out they were not happy with the proposal happening while she was on duty and said that it could have jeopardized the safety of other passengers while she was distracted.

Unfortunately, she was immediately terminated from her job as her superiors felt that it was extremely irresponsible behaviour, even though it was a surprise and she did not know anything about it.

Source: ET Today

When netizens heard about her dismissal, there were mixed reactions as some of them defended Jiao, saying that it was harmless to accept a marriage proposal for that short while.

While a few of them said that the man should have waited until the plane landed so that it wouldn’t affect other passengers’ safety. Some added,

“If the man wanted his marriage proposal to be like those that you see in movies, he should be rich enough to get the whole plane so that his girlfriend wouldn’t lose her job.”

Jiao’s superiors should have issued a warning letter before they terminate her, maybe put her on ground suspension or something. The proposal only took several minutes and there were no emergencies happening at that time! If you are planning to propose to your flight attendant partner, be sure you check with their airline’s policy before pulling a similar stunt.

Watch the video below.

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(Source: ET Today / WOB)

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