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CHINA: Elderly Man Put Himself Up For Adoption So He Won’t Die Alone

People, make it a resolution in the coming new year to never leave your elderly parents in the old folks home! They didn’t raise you to only get sent away to a nursing home when they’re old. You should take care of them just like how they cared for you when you were growing up!

An 85-year-old octogenarian in Tianjin, northern China, posted handwritten ads around the city looking for a “loving” family so that he won’t end up dying alone in a nursing home.

He made sure to note that he is strong-bodied, can cook, shop, and take care of himself, not forgetting to point out that he has no chronic diseases.

Han, the retired employee of a scientific research institute added that he receives a monthly pension of 6,000 yuan (RM3,700).

It is understood that Han has been all by himself since 1984. Apparently, he has two sons, one moved to Canada in 2003 and actually supported his search for an adoptive family, while the other son works for a local hospital and rarely visits his father.

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Han told Beijing Youth Daily that he decided to put himself up for adoption after hearing a similar story a few years ago. He has since received countless calls, but none took him home yet.

He had allegedly stayed in some nursing homes previously, but after visiting more, he complained about the food and claimed that some are only interested in their pension, and so, he made the decision to never live in another nursing home for rest of his life.

Han’s story went viral quickly and garnered a lot of mixed reactions, some blamed his family or even him for what’s happening, while others believe the situation will become more common in the future.

Here are what some netizens wrote,

“How desperate it is for a family to put up such note? I hope that he can have a warm home and that his sons wake up!”

“Children are unfilial because their parents did not teach them how to be filial.”

“I’m out of breath. I can only stay with my parents.”

“With society aging, there will only be more of this phenomenon.”

“I will never let my parents end up in this situation.”

Check out Han’s interview below:

This is so sad to know that Han is not taken care of by his own biological sons, we hope that a loving family would open up their arms to Han and welcome him into the family so that he can have a place he calls home! Please don’t leave him alone!

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