German Shepherd Sadly Dies After Waiting At Owner's Grave For 11 Years - The Coverage

German Shepherd Sadly Dies After Waiting At Owner’s Grave For 11 Years

Dogs are really God’s gift to humans, not only are they smart, they’re the most loyal companion! Sometimes we humans don’t even deserve dogs.

We’ve seen many dogs finding, grieving, and staying at their owner’s grave on the internet, adding to the mix, this German Shepherd mix breed exhaled his last breath in the cemetery of his late owner’s grave after having stayed there for 11 years!

According to NTD, the disheartening incident took place at a cemetery in Argentina, the doggy named Capitán was originally a cheerful dog, he was gifted by Miguel Guzman to his 13-year-old son, Damian.

Source: YouTube

Unfortunately, Miguel died a year later in 2005, and since then Capitán disappeared without a trace. The family initially assumed Capitán had run away and may have been adopted by a new family.

But they were shocked to see Capitán lying in front of Miguel’s grave when they visited the cemetery. That moment was an emotional reunion between Damian and his dog as he came barking when the boy shouted the dog’s name.

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Source: YouTube

It is learned that Capitán followed the family back home after that, but returned to the cemetery after a short while. Occasionally Capitán would go home but since January 2007, Capitán made the cemetery his permanent home.

The most mind-boggling part of the whole incident was how did Capitán manage to find Miguel’s grave because according to his family, the man died in a hospital and was transferred to a funeral home far away from the family’s house.

Source: YouTube

What’s more, the family never took Capitán to the cemetery, neither before nor after Miguel’s death.

According to the director of the municipal cemetery, Héctor Baccega, the dog suddenly appeared there and circled the place to locate his master’s grave. He eventually stopped in front of Miguel’s tombstone. So smart!

He said,

“No one brought him there. And that isn’t all. Every day at 6 pm in the evening, he went and lay down at the tomb. Capitán went around the cemetery with me every day. But when it reached that time (6 pm), he went to the bottom of the cemetery where the tomb of his beloved is.”

As the years went by, age caught up with Capitán and he had trouble walking, he also lost vision in one eye. A veterinarian said,

“Sadly, his age and condition got the best of him. We were going to hospitalize him, but he would have died at the veterinarian’s, so we preferred to let him be and attended to him in the cemetery where he lived and felt calm.”

Source: YouTube

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Last Monday, February 19, Capitán was finally reunited with Miguel in heaven as cemetery workers discovered his body in the bathroom of the cemetery.

You’ve done well Capitán, you’ve waited 11 years to be reunited with your owner. We hope you’re happy with Miguel in heaven, playing fetch every day! Rest in peace!

(Source: WOB /NTD )

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