Girl's Sudden Change Of Schedule Resulted In Her Death After She Went Out Drinking With New Friends - The Coverage

Girl’s Sudden Change Of Schedule Resulted In Her Death After She Went Out Drinking With New Friends

Traveling is one of the greatest ways to enjoy life, some would also add consuming alcohol while traveling to spice up the adventure. While it is okay to drink and get a little tipsy, know your limit.

You’re in a foreign land surrounded by strangers. if you’re traveling alone it’s even more dangerous if you get drunk. If you’re traveling in a group then make sure one of you is not drinking to get everyone safely back to your accommodation.

Sadly, a young tourist from China drowned in her hotel swimming pool after getting to know four new friends in Singapore and getting drunk prior to her death.

The incident reportedly took place at Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore, on May 6, 2017, at around 3.50 am. The death of the victim, Fan Xiaojing, 23, was ruled as a misadventure by the coroners on October 17.

Source: Novotel

According to Stomp, Fan’s mother arrived in Singapore on Monday, January 8, to retrieve her daughter’s belongings, which included her daughter’s itinerary that detailed her plans during her stay in Singapore.

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Her mother, Ms. Chen Yan said that her daughter had reached Singapore on the night of May 4. Fan’s plans for the following day was to visit Universal Studios Singapore and Orchard Road, before having dinner at a branch of Jumbo Seafood restaurant.

On May 6, Fan plans to have a tour around Little India and Sungei Road and lunch at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh restaurant.

However, for some unknown reason, Fan chose to visit Song Fa Bak Kut Teh restaurant on the night of May 5 instead.

There, she made four new friends, including a Taiwanese fitness trainer, Cai Zhongru. It is reported that Cai later accompanied Fan to the hotel pool after their drinking session.

Sobbing as she spoke, Fan’s mother lamented that if her daughter did not change her schedule, she would not have gone drinking with these new friends, or lost her life.

The initial investigation found that Fan had drunk at least two bottles of spirits with the group and downed another pint of beer by herself. Damn, this girl can drink!

According to Cai, Fan, who was drunk at this point was unsteady in her steps and had to lean on him, she allegedly told him that she wanted to swim in the hotel’s pool. When she reached the pool, she jumped in and even wandered to the deep end, measuring between 2.5m and 3.35m in depth.

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She reportedly attempted to swim but later drowned.

Ms. Chen added that after her daughter passed away, her daughter’s company express their condolences and gave the family $10,000 (RM30,000). Unfortunately, Fan did not purchase travel insurance as it was regarded unlucky by local customs to buy insurance.

It is learned that Ms. Chen’s lawyer sought compensation from the hotel but a spokesman said that the hotel would have to wait for a verdict from the coroner first before deciding on an outcome.

However, when the hotel found out that Fan had been drunk, any offer of compensation was off the table.

Her mother added that Fan was her only child and that she had always been an obedient and loving daughter. The pain of losing her daughter was unbearable and she had to resort to sleeping pills every night so she can rest.

It’s not that you can’t drink when you travel, you can, but you need to know how to control your intake! Alcohol is known to cloud the minds of those who ingest it, so please do not take the risk!

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Ms. Fan’s family, we hope that Ms. Chen will be able to find solace in her daughter’s passing.

(Source: Stomp)

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