Heroic Dog In Thailand Saves Dozen Of Cats From Five-Meter Long Python - The Coverage

Heroic Dog In Thailand Saves Dozen Of Cats From Five-Meter Long Python

There are many cats and dogs who protected and survived snake attacks all over the world, all of these brave little furbabies deserves all the limelight they can get, and this time, it’s a young pup named Tang in Thailand!

The three-year-old pup made the headlines in local media on January 10 after he bravely fought off a five-meter-long python to protect a dozen of cats at his home in rural Ang Thong province.

Source: Coconuts

According to Tang’s owner, only identified as 38-year-old Panisara, Tang barked and circled around the back of her home in the morning, so she went to check on the dog.

To her shock, Tang was barking at the python hidden in a tree, she also noticed that Tang’s face had a few long opened wounds presumably from the scuffle with the serpent.

Source: Sanook

Panisara suspected that the snake came to her house to devour her cats since this wasn’t the first snake sighting at her home. She added that she and her boyfriend had to fight off a snake and free a cat from its grip before.

“The snake was wrapping itself around one of the cats, so my boyfriend and I rescued it. This is the fifth snake that came to our house.”

Source: Sanook

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Source: Sanook

Unfortunately, Panisara lost one of her cats and she suspected that the python had already eaten it before Tang discovered the act and fought off the serpent.

Rescue volunteers were called to catch the python and Panisara decided to keep the cats inside her home.

Source: Sanook

For those who live in places that are prone to snake attacks, you guys need to take extra precautionary measure! Make sure you safeguard your pets and children! Stay safe guys!

Good job, Tang! You deserved all the praises and treats you can get now and forever! You’re a hero!  

What’s your take on this?

(Source: Coconuts Bangkok)

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