Husband Sleeps With Another Woman Because His Wife Would Not Stop Looking At Her Smartphone!!! - The Coverage

Husband Sleeps With Another Woman Because His Wife Would Not Stop Looking At Her Smartphone!!!

I honestly felt like I could puke a bucket full reading through this man’s “lovey-dovey” messages. Nothing wrong with being sweet though, it’s just that knowing he has a wife and saying all this diabetic and toxic things to the 3rd party is really getting on my nerves.

Before I tell you about him, let me ask this question targeted to all girls or guys who are the third party and they know that they are the third wheel, how do you people even eat, study, work, sleep and shit peacefully knowing that you are INVADING someone else’s relationship????

I once had a crush on a guy who I didn’t even know had a girlfriend and we hang out sweetly for a bit till my intuition kicked in few days later, I checked his Facebook and BINGO! He already has a girlfriend! Best part, when I asked he said he had none! Such a playboy…oh well, my point is…I felt so depressed and irritated that I let someone’s boyfriend to “manja” around with me. How do you people don’t feel that? And act as if it’s normal??!!

Anyways, back to this guy who is also someone’s husband, may I remind you…

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This man’s conversation with this random girl was shared on Himpunan Cerita Lawak. In his exchange of texts, he said that he had had enough with his wife’s obsession with her phone. Day and night all she ever does is staying glued to her smartphone’s screen, be it during meal time, bed time or bonding time.

This, apparently, led him to feel like he was unattended to which made him look for this girl. He even took an extra job as an Uber driver, just so he could come out of the house late at night to meet her and to be ‘entertained’.

From the looks of the conversation, his reference to the word “On” is having sexual intercourse. As there’s one part, he explains to the girl that when he thought of “on”-ing with his wife as he felt horny, but she rejected him and continued to sleep. Which is why he was on the phone texting her way early in the morning, as he suddenly remembered her.

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I wanted to barf at his words when he said,“I thought of you because only you would understand me…” <<< right after getting rejected by his wife.

Okay, so while reading the whole conversation, it somehow feels like this was staged but whether it’s true or not…you can still vomit if you want to after reading his cancerous texts. And a quick reminder for the wives at home, can you please stop staring at that phone and take care of your husband? Stop giving men the opportunity to do things like this, seriously!


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