Intoxicated Husband Fell Out Of Car After Opening Door To Puke, Wife Kept On Driving - The Coverage

Intoxicated Husband Fell Out Of Car After Opening Door To Puke, Wife Kept On Driving

With the festive season coming up, we hope those who plan to drink alcoholic beverages to drink responsibly to not end up like this man right here!

An intoxicated man fell out of his moving car when he opened the rear door to puke on January 9, and it was caught on CCTV surveillance footage! However, the funny part was that his wife kept driving without realizing her husband had fallen out of the vehicle!

Traffic police in Jiangsu province, China reportedly said that the man had earlier attended a social gathering with his wife, and at social dinners, alcoholic beverages are hard to avoid. Hence, this man had quite a few drinks, but luckily, he has his wife there to drive him home.

Hammered, the husband was seated at the back and quickly fell asleep while his wife focused on driving the car. Her focus was so undivided that she did not realize that she was driving alone after her husband had opened the rear passenger door of his SUV to puke and fell out.

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He, who was being a responsible human for not puking in the car and tried to direct the projectile outside was left on the road for a few minutes before his wife turned back to pick him up.

After the clip went viral, netizens couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, some commented,

“I’d never open the car door of a moving car no matter how drunk I get. Now I’m interested in what he had during the dinner.”

“The wife is a really good driver because she paid undivided attention to the road.”

We’re glad that the man only suffered minor injuries despite the fact that the car was moving rather fast and that there wasn’t any car behind them. It’s better to have those puke bags ready in your car the next time you plan to go out drinking, be safe when you do so!

Watch the video below!

What are your thoughts on this?

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