Long-Lost Twin Sisters Reunited After 26 Years When Police Suspect Identity Fraud - The Coverage

Long-Lost Twin Sisters Reunited After 26 Years When Police Suspect Identity Fraud

Stories like these (reuniting) is really heartwarming to read, which is why we would love to share moments like these with you!

After being separated for 26 years, a pair of twins were reunited last month after police suspected them of identity fraud.

Shanghaiist reported the authorities in Jiangsu province noticed a woman surnamed Yang from Taizhou and another woman surnamed Pei from Wuxi happened to look strikingly and suspiciously similar during a population data check in November.

Not only do they look alike, their registered birth dates were only one year apart!

Investigators contacted Yang to unearth a connection with her supposed doppelganger, she explained that she had been adopted at an early age and had heard that she had a twin, however, she didn’t have any information about her or any way of tracking her down.

Officials showed a picture of Pei and she allegedly showed the picture to her husband to see if he found her attractive, to her surprise, he said,

“This person is you, of course she is pretty.”

Her little experiment did not end there, she also posted photos of Pei to her family’s WeChat group and nobody noticed that it was a completely different person! Whoa, even her husband couldn’t tell the difference, they must be super identical!

Source: Shanghaiist

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After much digging, the police were finally able to get in contact with Pei! She and her husband were equally surprised! Yang and Pei agreed to meet up to have a DNA test done to confirm that they are in fact sisters, twins at that!

To their surprise, Pei resembled her sister so much that Yang’s daughter allegedly called her “mom” as she reached out asking for a hug!

Police soon discovered that the biological parents of the twins had placed them up for adoption to different families because they originally wanted a son.

Pei and Yang were lucky they could reconnect although it took them more than 20 years, because other twins around the world are not that fortunate!

I can’t understand how you think you can control the gender of your child, as parents, both of you basically created them, you were suppose to shower them with love and care regardless of their gender, did you even know that twins are REALLY difficult to conceive?

While I feel sad that some twins are given up for adoption separately, I also feel happy that they’re finally reunited! If you know that you have a twin (a real, biological one) out there that you’ve known about but never met, do not give up looking for them! After all, both of you share the same flesh and blood, you should never break that bond!

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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