Malaysia Assistant Commissioner Of Police Caught Cheating With Her Lover By Husband At Their Own Home - The Coverage

Malaysia Assistant Commissioner Of Police Caught Cheating With Her Lover By Husband At Their Own Home

Two-timing in a relationship is a no-no. Being unfaithful to your spouse is the worst type of treatment anyone can receive from their significant other.

You’d think a person in the police force would know better than to cheat on their spouse, but this woman here will prove you wrong!

Not only did she cheat on her husband with a fellow policeman, she is an Assistant Commissioner of Police! Her husband reportedly caught her in the act at his house in Sri Petaling in Kuala Lumpur at about 5 pm on Sunday, November 5.

China Press reported that the husband has been suspecting his wife of having an affair for quite some time and decided to tail her.

The source said,

“He followed the woman to Jalan Sungai Besi at 3 pm on that day, and saw her meeting a man, before both of them went back to his house in Sri Petaling.

“He tried to get into the house but found out that his wife had changed the padlock. So, he pried open the door.

“He was shocked to see his wife and the lover half-naked in the room.”

The man also allegedly took photographs of the two before lodging a police report against his wife. He hopes that the force would take disciplinary action against the duo.

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I personally do not condone cheating, I believe in loyalty and faithfulness. When you marry a person, you are tied for life, you are joined as a soul! Do not take marriage lightly!

If you have lost the love or spark in your relationship with your spouse the have couples therapy, find out what went wrong and how you can fix it. If all else fails then get a divorce, do not hurt your partner’s heart!

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(Source: The Star)

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