Malaysian Man Pushes And Throws Money At Girlfriend Over Spilled Water - The Coverage

Malaysian Man Pushes And Throws Money At Girlfriend Over Spilled Water

Ladies, how many of you are dependant on your man financially? After this post, you may want to find some way to earn a little income by yourself to lessen the burden on your man!

Recently, a Malaysian man was filmed chiding his girlfriend in a cafe after she allegedly spilled a glass of water. The video was then uploaded on Fabrications About the PAP‘s Facebook page.

In the video, the man could be heard speaking to the woman in a condescending tone as she attempts to wipe away the water that she spilled.

He then stood up, grabs her head and places his face close to hers, while continuing to criticise her.

He shouts:

“So are you at fault, or am I?”

The one-sided altercation was intervened by another man, supposedly a staff at the cafe who attempts to pacify the agitated boyfriend. The waiter could be seen pointing to the surrounding of the cafe, seemingly to indicate that other customers in the vicinity are uncomfortable with the verbal abuse.

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However, the man replied cockily,

“We’re just talking here. You go busy yourself with your chores.”

After the staff leaves, the man continued to shout at the sobbing woman, he asked her, “have I ill-treated you?”, before reaching for his wallet on the table.

He took out a stack of notes from it and threw it at the woman’s face saying,

“You want money? Don’t you want money?”

She stood up and is pushed into a corner by her boyfriend.

He continues,

“I pay for your food and housing. How dare you show me a face like that?”

Even when his girlfriend pleaded him to stop, he continued to berate her, claiming that she is the one suffering and not him. He pushed the woman back into her chair and asks her to remain seated.

The terrified woman tries to stand on numerous occasions to stop her boyfriend from going away, only to be pushed back down onto her seat. The dispute prompted the staff to return.

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Instead of stopping his acts, he directed his fury at the staff and ended up shouting at him. He proceeded to push his girlfriend back in her seat one last time before leaving the cafe and getting into a black car parked outside.

The video sparked outrage among netizens who felt that the man’s actions were disrespectful and boorish!

A netizen commented,

“This is garbage.”

While others felt the video did not encapsulate the full story, and there were perhaps reasons for the man’s outburst.

“It seems the guy said that everything is paid by him – food, expenses, even rent? It makes things a little clearer.

“Once the guy pays for everything, I mean everything, it’s extremely hard for him to respect the girl. Over time, he will slowly grow to despise her, that he owns her.

“The concept of free-riding and ownership: ‘My house or your house?’ The girl must have triggered the ‘throw money’ action. Maybe her demands went too far and he woke up that day.

“Yes, in public is terrible. The humiliation is unacceptable. But once the guy sees the girl for what she is – a girl who is with you only for the money – the frustration and realization that she doesn’t really love you (kicks in).

“The temptation to take revenge and humiliate her is overpoweringly strong for most guys. ‘You love money so much? Here, take it. In fact, here, take it all! I got more at home!’

“Like all couple quarrel video, we don’t know the full story. I could have been that guy because I walked that path for 5 years. Luckily I never had reason to lose it that badly.”

There are also netizens who wonder if the entire incident was staged.

“Is this real or just an act?”

Watch the video below!

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(Source: Stomp / Facebook)

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