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Malaysian Man Shares Heartfelt Post To Friend Who Passed Away Due To Overworking

One of the biggest downfalls in today’s fast-paced and modern society is poor work-life balance where employees are sometimes expected to work up till midnight just to rush through a deadline. We certainly hope this would change.

A netizen, Adam Chan recently took to Facebook to lament over the untimely death of his friend.

He wrote in his post,

“Good friend passed away yesterday. Reason? Overworked. Left office at 2am in the morning and met an accident while he was traveling back to his comfy bed.

“I’m not entirely sure why did he continue staying in the office even though he wanted to go back home early, but from a reliable source(his colleagues who are also my friends) was saying that it’s the culture in Audit department that no one should leave the office before works are completed and before your senior (from the highest hierarchy to the lowest) leave accordingly.

“Nobody cares if you are tired, have someone waiting for you to go home or any excuses that could delay the work done or affect the overall audit team performance and image.”

Photo for illustration purposes only | Source: The Culture Trip

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Adam clarified that he’s not from the Auditing sector and admits he has no thorough understanding of how the culture is there. But he hopes that if what he said is true, then this unhealthy work culture needs to stop and change immediately.

“I don’t frequently write long essay as if I wanted the whole world to know what are my thoughts. I just hope that this issue can be taken seriously after this incident has happened.”

He ends his post urging whoever that’s overworked to take good care of themselves and to always make sure to get enough rest (at least a little if it were a busy week).

Adam revealed that his friend who passed away had been working overtime and long hours for the past consecutive days and weeks. He hopes his death can at least bring values and changes to the industry so that there will be no next similar case.

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His Facebook post has garnered over 4,700 shares at the time of writing with netizens who shared their condolences and some voiced out similar experiences they’ve had for the companies they’ve worked before.

Death from overwork or accidents that happen due to overworking is real, so please remember to always get enough rest! We also hope that industries will reevaluate this unhealthy work culture and treat their staff with more compassion.

(Source: Facebook / WOB)

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