Man Allegedly Killed All Fishes In A Foot Spa With His Extremely Stinky Feet - The Coverage

Man Allegedly Killed All Fishes In A Foot Spa With His Extremely Stinky Feet

Other than constant exfoliation and applying foot cream, the only way to get rid of dead skin is to visit those fish spa where you soak your legs in a tank containing warm water and little fish.

Source: Panormo

Those little hard workers will nibble away all your dead and hardened skin on your feet, leaving you with smooth skin just like a baby’s bottom!

This type of treatment has been long introduced and you can find fish spas in almost every shopping mall or business parks these days.

According to Sina, a middle-aged man named Wong in Beijing, China, went for a fish spa session on New Year’s eve but he ended up killing all the fish due to his stinky feet. The news went viral after several media portals picked up the story.

Source: Chicago Now

It is understood that Wong joined an IT company right after graduation and has been working there for 10 years. As diligent as he is, he works overtime almost every day, therefore, he rarely has time for himself.

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Time passes by like the speed of lightning when you’re too focused on your job and in a blink of an eye, Wong had turned 35. Worried about his future, his parents introduced Wong to a nice lady, and surprisingly, they hit it off pretty well! The couple was even thinking about getting married in the near future!

New Year eve rolls by and Wong finally had a breather so he decided to spend his day off with his girlfriend. She allegedly invited him to a fish spa session after they enjoyed a hearty steamboat.

Wong kept finding excuses to turn down the offer but somehow his girlfriend managed to persuade him. Just before his treatment, he ran to a corner to remove his shoes before wrapping his feet with a towel. He then immediately dipped his legs into the water tank.

Everything was just going swell until their session was up. When the boss of the shop came to collect payment from them, he was shocked to see that all the fishes were dead, on top of that, he also smelled something ‘funky’ coming from the water.

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The boss immediate demanded Wong to reimburse the loss as he was convinced Wong had purposely poisoned the fish. Not backing down, both parties argued for some time before Wong revealed the real cause of death of the fish.

It turns out that due to Wong’s busy daily routine, he hasn’t properly washed his feet for 10 years, and his stinky feet must’ve killed the fish.

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Initially, the boss couldn’t believe Wong but soon accepted his story and decided to let this incident slide since he didn’t do it on purpose.

Thankfully, Wong’s girlfriend didn’t dump him, he laughed at himself and promised to work on his personal hygiene afterward.


That woman is a keeper! You better treasure her, Wong!

If Wong didn’t have time to wash his feet, do you think he actually showered at all? Regardless, the feet is one of the dirtiest parts of the body as we use our feet to walk around in shoes or bare-footed. It’s in constant contact with dirt and bacteria, remember to always wash your feet!

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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(Source: Sina / WOB)

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