Man Apologizes After Caught Slapping Elderly Mother On CCTV - The Coverage

Man Apologizes After Caught Slapping Elderly Mother On CCTV

Mothers have unconditional love for their children. No matter how old they get, they only want what’s best for their children and no matter how big you grow, you’ll always be your mother’s baby.

A mother’s love surpasses any other love you can ever find! She will stop at nothing to give her child what they want even though she has to work hard for it.

Netizen, Fransisko Chow Entertainment took to Facebook to share two videos of a man slapping his elderly mother and apologizing to her.

Source: Facebook

It is not revealed where the incident took place, but it is learned that the man realized his mistake after the CCTV footage of him slapping his mother went viral.

He can be seen in the second video kneeling down in front of his mother apologizing to her in tears. Swearing to never repeat it again.

Source: Facebook

We hope that he truly learned his lesson. We should be respecting our mothers instead of physically abusing them! 

Give your mother a big hug when you get home later, if you don’t live with your mom anymore, give her a call and let her know that you love her. Thank her for all the blood, sweat, and tears she shed for you to get you where you are today!

Watch the videos below!

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What’s your take on this?

(Source: Facebook)

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