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Man On Electric Scooter Fakes Accident Around SS2 Mall To Claim Insurance

Remember those videos where people would run in front of cars or lorries to fake an accident in order to claim for insurance? Those videos were entertaining as they run towards the vehicle before throwing themselves on the hood of the car while the dashboard camera captured everything. Sadly, Malaysia has also been included in this loop no thanks to this guy!

A netizen, Ng Jhen Hau took to Facebook on July 10 to share his encounter with an insurance scammer around SS2 mall area. He wrote in his post,

“(He) came from the wrong side of the road. I managed to stop in time, he came and ‘touched’ my car, stood up then lied on the road.”

Source: Facebook

According to Ng, the man was riding an electric scooter on the opposite side of the road. After Ng told him that he had a dash cam, which was a lie, the man immediately stood back up and sat on his electric scooter, claiming that he’s a handicap.

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After Ng’s post went viral, he decided to lodge a police report the following day for his own safety.

“I was proven to have my right of way, the guy in the post is totally at fault by heading the wrong direction. As for him being cheating on victim’s money by acting OKU or not, police will investigate further. Thank you.”

Source: Facebook

Ng has fully cooperated with the police on this matter and he got some advice from the police to share.

Electric scooter falls under the same category as bicycles. It must follow the direction of the road, cannot ride opposite the road (if collided with a car, the car is not at fault). Electric scooters are limited to 25km/h and do not need a licence to ride on the road (but not on the highway).

If the driver or a motorcyclist crash into a person without a bike or electric scooter, then the driver is at fault. For this reason, dash cams are encouraged to prevent people who want to cause fake accidents and blame the drivers.

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You’ve heard it guys, even the police are encouraging in getting a dashboard camera, it’s for your own safety. Remember to stay alert on the road, and if you encounter any situation like this, remember to stand your ground.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts!


(Source: Facebook)

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