Netizens Reunited Lost Husky with Family After 4 Years Through Online Sharing and Volunteering Help - The Coverage

Netizens Reunited Lost Husky with Family After 4 Years Through Online Sharing and Volunteering Help

Have you heard the concept six degrees of separation? It essentially means that you can find anyone by inquiring a friend of a friend, repeat the process no more than six times and you will find the person you are looking for.

This concept is incredibly powerful when everyone cooperates to help to resolve a seemingly impossible task.

lost husky hongkong
Source: Facebook

Last Monday (Dec 4), a Facebook user Clark Tang posted a picture of a gloomy husky photo to a Hong Kong community public group. The caption of the picture says:

“Has anyone lost a husky? Found one near Cheung Shan Monastery on Wo Keng Shan Road. Next to the dog is a bag of dog food and the dog is covered in dirt.”

The post garnered a lot of attention with over 1,500 Likes, 600 Shares, and 300 Comments. The community members were quick to spot that the husky didn’t seem like it was lost but abandoned considering that there is a bag of food beside it. Some members pitied the furry animal, some were anguished about the irresponsible owner, and most importantly some took initiative to look for the dog and caretake it.

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dog going back home
Source: coconuts

A few hours later, the dog was found at Sha Tau Kok and taken to the clinic. To their surprise, the vet in the clinic found a chip on the dog that has a contact number.

Without hesitation, the vet and the husky rescuer contacted the number and received a reply shortly.

The message says:

“I have been separated from this dog for four years, thank you so much everyone!”

looking for dog for 4 years
Source: coconuts

Although the reason why the dog went missing the first place was unknown, but we are glad that the husky got back to his family! dog recognize owner
Source: Facebook

A follow-up post on Facebook says that as they sent husky back to the owner’s place, it surprisingly still recognized the owner. The owner thanked everyone who helped in reuniting the dog with him.

This is just one of many cases where people have used the Internet to reconnect with someone they missed or lost. Remember, we are all just six degrees away from one another. When we put our hands together, nothing is impossible. Literally.

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Source: Coconuts, WOB

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