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Patient Asked To Pay More Money Mid-Surgery By Doctor In China

Being diagnosed with something that has to put you through surgery is something we never wish for. But when it is inevitable, we always pray that we get a good surgeon whom we can trust.

However, that does not seem to be the case for a 20-year-old patient in China as she was asked to pay more money for an unnecessary add-on procedure by her surgeon.

It is understood that the patient, identified only as Jiang Meng was diagnosed with cervical erosion and was undergoing an operation at a hospital in Dalian, a port city in Liaoning province.

In mid-surgery, she was told that she had another medical problem that also needed urgent attention and that she needed to pay extra for it to be done. The surgeon then presented her with a card printed with a QR code and said the additional procedure would cost 1,860 yuan (RM1,145).

Source: NST

Jiang Meng had only 600 yuan (RM369) in her account at the time, but she was left with no choice at the operation table. She used her WeChat Pay account to pay part of the add-on money and cleared up the difference later.

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However, she was still concerned with the whole thing and sought a second opinion on the matter from a doctor at a different hospital.

To her dismay, the second procedure that her surgeon had performed on her was unnecessary!

On the other hand, an employee at the first hospital said that it was “standard practice for doctors to carry cards printed with the QR codes” for various procedures. The person was quoted as saying:

“Many unpredictable things can happen during an operation, and we can’t have patients running up and down (looking for money).”

After learning the truth, Jiang Meng posted her story on Weibo, and her post was seen by the Health and Family planning Commission in Dalian, which contacted her and launched an investigation into the matter and the surgeon.

It is very unfortunate for Jiang Meng to be scammed by the surgeon like that, we hope they’ll able to arrest the surgeon and punish him for his dishonest acts. Shame on you for cheating your patients!

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