PENANG: Hawker Almost Lost RM11,000 Savings Kept Under Her Bed In Recent Major Flash Flood - The Coverage

PENANG: Hawker Almost Lost RM11,000 Savings Kept Under Her Bed In Recent Major Flash Flood

Almost everyone in Penang was affected by the recent major flood that took place last weekend, even the house of a 53-year-old hawker is not spared!

The woman, who wanted to be known only as Ong, said that she nearly lost RM11,000 of her savings when her single storey low-cost house in Taman Sentul Jaya, Juru, was hit by the floods.

Her house was inundated around midnight after several hours of heavy downpour.

“The water was rushing in from everywhere, the front door and also my window. Within minutes, my whole house was filled with water.

“I was trying to move my belongings to somewhere higher when I saw the money floating in my living room.

“I had kept the money in an envelope and put it under my bed after withdrawing it on Friday.

“Luckily, my daughter and I managed to retrieve all of the notes.”

She reportedly withdrew the money to settle her housing loan on Monday.

“Usually, I would keep some money in my room. But after this incident, I dare not now.

“My daughter, who is 15, has also warned me not to do it anymore as it is my hard-earned money.”

A retiree who wished to be known as Rajoo, 64, said the water started to rise at about 1 am on Sunday.

“The flood waters reached my chest within an hour. There was nothing we could salvage as it happened quite fast.”

The best thing to do is to keep your money in a safe box if you plan to withdraw a large amount of money in one go. Try to avoid withdrawing so much money, as there are many online transactions these days that are so much safer to pay your rent, loans, down-payments, etc.

(Source: The Star)

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