Singapore Couple Engage In Sexy Time At Void Deck Of Yishun Block 666 - The Coverage

Singapore Couple Engage In Sexy Time At Void Deck Of Yishun Block 666

We know many people out there have their fetishes, some might include public display of affection (PDA) excessively, and I’m not talking about the casual kiss on the forehead or holding hands kind of PDA, I’m talking about the type that engages in sexual acts!

Yes, that’s right, with Madam Halimah who just recently sworn in as Singapore’s president on September 14, a couple daringly took their sexy time out in public at the void deck of Block 666 Yishun Avenue just a mere 50 to 78 metres away from President Halimah’s block (depending on which route you take).

The distance from the place of incident is literally a one minute walk to the president’s home!

The couple was caught on camera when a Singaporean man, Ro was dropping a passenger in the area and came across the couple engaging in a sexual act on September 17 at around 4 am.

He submitted the videos to Stomp, unfortunately, we couldn’t get a hold of the video as it wasn’t uploaded online due to their graphic nature, but, we have screenshots! 

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The man can be seen seated in the video as the sexual act was being performed by his female companion who had her top and underwear taken off.

In the second video, shows the man standing up with his shirt and pants removed as the two continued on their lewd activity.

After about two minutes after Ro arrived at the HDB block, the couple quickly put on their clothes back on and left.

According to Ro, the couple looked to be in their early 20s and he felt that their actions were inappropriate.

“This type of thing shouldn’t do. Terrible, this one.”

Even though it was very early in the morning, the duo was still in full view of the public. They were lucky that the one who spotted them was Ro, another person would’ve made a big fuss out of it and report to the authorities!

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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(Source: Stomp / Mothership)

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