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SINGAPORE: Poly Student Harrassed Girl He Met On Tinder With Derogatory Names After She Ignored Him

Those who are family with the dating app Tinder would know that there is no ‘undo’ button on that thing if you accidentally swipe either left or right, you cannot go back to change your decision. Swiping right on a photo of someone means you would consider meeting them in real life to see if dating could happen between you two.

Source: The Verge

There are high chances where people just swipe right on every profile that pops up in hopes that someone connects with them. While some take this lightheartedly, others take it rather serious!

Just like this Polytechnic student in Singapore, who met a girl on Tinder but soon turned into a tantrum throwing child spewing derogatory remarks at the girl just because she ignored him.

Now, before you jump the gun, her reason for ignoring him is very valid! HE ASKED TO HAVE SEX WITH HER, right after they both matched on Tinder. Oh my God, that is like the worst thing you could say to a girl who is looking for a boyfriend.

The man who is known only as “YX” spoke in a very rude manner calling her names like “fatass”, he also says things like “you have a potato face, you ugly bitch” and that she would be “sucking the cock of other men” if she wasn’t spending time listening to his rants.

Not to mention, he also said something along the lines of “you are fat and ugly and no one wants you.”

The girl’s friend then posted the exchange on Facebook saying:

Source: RedWire

Source: RedWire

Come on dude, are you seriously that desperate until you will do such things to a girl? You need to calm yourself down and reflect why exactly did she ignore you! If you don’t know how to respect anyone, how are people going to respect you?

Anyone who knows who YX is please give him a knock on his head, he needs to wake up!

(Source: RedWire)

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1 Comment

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