A Taobao Vendor Travelled 860KM To Beat Up Customer Who Submitted A Bad Review - The Coverage

A Taobao Vendor Travelled 860KM To Beat Up Customer Who Submitted A Bad Review

We’re pretty sure most of you already know what Taobao is, for those who don’t know, Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website where you can buy just about anything, from clothes to household items to electronics! The possibilities are endless!

Like any other online shopping sites, some customers may face some serious delays on their orders as the shipments get delayed. It’s normal, but for some people, it can be quite frustrating.

So, this woman from China filed a complaint on her delayed package, but she did not expect such a direct response to her complaint.

According to Shanghaiist, the incident happened last month after the customer, Xiao Li had filed her complaint on December 23 because her clothing order had not been shipped on time by the Taobao vendor, Zhang.

Source: Youku

Not long after filing her complaint, the Taobao vendor started threatening her by making calls and sending messages, including death threats! However, the customer chose to ignore the vendor’s threats.

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Four days after the complaint, Xiao Li’s package finally arrived on December 27. However, she was not expecting to meet Zhang there when she went to pick up her package.

Source: Shanghaiist

Source: Daily Mail

CCTV footage shows the enraged vendor slapping Xiao Li in the face and repeatedly kicking her in the legs sending her to the floor. Soon after Zhang can be seen running away.

Source: Daily Mail

As a result of the assault, she suffered a concussion, fractures in her left elbow and light injuries over her face and body.

Source: Daily Mail

When Xiao Li was getting treated at the hospital, Zhang reportedly texted her again saying that he traveled all night over 860 kilometers, just so he could “teach her a lesson”.

It was then reported that Zhang had been arrested on January 6, and has been given a 10-day detention. Meanwhile, his Taobao store has been suspended.

While we understand that it’s frustrating to receive complaints, that is still not an appropriate way to react. Small matters like this can be solved with words, you not have to fight fire with fire! While someone else is the fire, you have to be the water to calm things down.

Watch the video below!

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