Thai Wife Gives A Hell Of A Muay Thai Lesson To Her Husband's Mistress!!! - 8 Powerful Kicks Directly To The Head!!! - The Coverage

Thai Wife Gives A Hell Of A Muay Thai Lesson To Her Husband’s Mistress!!! – 8 Powerful Kicks Directly To The Head!!!

This is why guys should really think twice before cheating or even having the thought of the need of a side chick! And probably also why girls should stop attacking the other girl and directly start beating the shit out of the man who allowed it to happen in the first! (Not encouraging violence but if you really want to be violent make sure it’s towards the right person)

One man’s wife went completely offence mode when she found out that he was having an affair and his mistress was the lady that was hosting the house party! Yikes!

The incident is said to have taken place in Bangkok, Thailand according to The LAD Bible.

In the short video that was recorded by Ploy Tapadchum, the wife was seen being pulled away when she force herself out of the hands of the man that cheated on her and went to confront the mistress!

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Just like a Muay Thai fighter, the wife throws 8 powerful kicks to the head of the lady, who didn’t even try to defend herself, along with some hard punches. This lady is not to be messed with! It would have been better for her to hit the husband, though, just my thought.

Despite having other guests at home, no one dared to step in to stop the lady from violently bashing the side chick. I guess if they had the same skills as hers then probably they would have helped?

And in all of the commotion the husband a.k.a the cheater, was nowhere near both ladies. Coward!!!

The person who recorded the whole incident said;

“The wife was very, very angry and confronted the mistress at her own house.”

“She had been dating her husband, who thought it was good to have a side chick.”

“She fights her and the girl didn’t resist. She knows she was in the wrong.”

“It was very cruel and her friends were there watching, so nobody could stop it.”

“She did wrong by taking another girl’s man but it is not right to beat the girl like this. Though most people can understand her anger.”

The source also said that even the police doesn’t want to meddle in their home affairs. lol

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Take a look at the video below!


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