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Two Men Publicly Proposed To The Same Woman Simultaneously, Who Did She Pick?

Marriage proposals are meant to be a once in a lifetime experience, that’s why girls want their moment to be magical! But if there are two guys proposing to you simultaneously?

Recently, two men were filmed fighting on the streets of Changzhou in Jiangsu, China, as they had both proposed to the same woman on Monday, October 15.

Source: YouTube

One of the men, named Xiao Yi happens to be a famous local blogger with over 380k followers on the video sharing platform, Kuaishou. Apparently, he planned and invited his rival on the streets to see who could win the woman’s heart.

The two men arrived with bouquets of flowers and were seen kneeling down at the same time, proposing to the same woman, Xiao Ai.

Then, Xiao Yi, clad in a suit, quickly grabbed the woman’s attention by using a megaphone, telling her,

“Xiao Ai, I love you!”

His confession drowned out the voice of his rival, which he later felt offended by this gesture and angrily began attacking Xiao Yi.

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Source: YouTube

In the viral video, the crowd can be heard telling them to stop.

You must be wondering, whose proposal did Xiao Ai accept, the answer is none, unfortunately!

Watch the 37-second video here, let us know what your thoughts in the comment section below!


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