Uni Student Gets Roasted After Publicly Asking Why Girls With BFs Still Like Clubbing - The Coverage

Uni Student Gets Roasted After Publicly Asking Why Girls With BFs Still Like Clubbing

Clubbing has become a regular event for many people who want to loosen up and party after the week is over. Those who are taken might go with their significant other while singles would normally go with their friends.

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However, what puzzles this UTAR student is why girls who already have a boyfriend would want to go clubbing.

The student wrote a post on UTAR confessions wondering about girls who still liked going clubbing even when they’re in a relationship. He insinuated that girls who go clubbing are the type of girls who would allow other people to touch them and said,

“Got their boyfriends to touch them not enough meh? Why do they need to go club and let others touch?”

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He also explained to girls that whenever their boyfriends disallowed them from going clubbing, it is because the guys are ‘protecting’ their girlfriends. He added that if it was his girlfriend who was taken advantage of by another guy while clubbing, he would dump her.

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Finally, he ended his post saying,

“Don’t drink already lah. Love yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself, I also don’t know how to love you.”

His post has garnered a lot of attention from netizens with over 2,000 shares and received backlash from many girls. They also raised the question of why guys who are attached still fancied going clubbing as well as their motives behind this.

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What are your thoughts on his opinion about girls who are taken going clubbing? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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