[VIDEO] Malaysian Man Assaulted Woman With Helmet After Allegedly Bumping Into Her Car - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Malaysian Man Assaulted Woman With Helmet After Allegedly Bumping Into Her Car

Regardless of whatever reasons, no one should inflict harm on another person, let alone a stranger. If it is a pedophile or a rapist then it’s a different case! But sadly, brainless human beings like this exists around us. They don’t realize that their actions put innocent people in danger constantly.

A few days ago, a netizen, David Chew, shared on Facebook his sister’s experience when she went to Klang Bukit Tinggi Master Bread Cake Shop to buy cake for her children on November 8.

An Indian man came out of nowhere riding a motorbike and hit her parked car with her parents and children in the car.

David continued in his post,

“As soon as my sister know, she came out of the car to take video of him so to take his photo and his motorbike plate number BKL 4731.

“My sister went to ask him why he hit her car purposely, and said will report to local police. The Indian guy did not feel he is wrong and ask my sister to report.”

Feeling no remorse, the culprit told her to lodge a police report. But when she was recording him, he used a blue helmet to attack David’s sister causing her to lose balance and almost fall down.

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David’s 60-year-old mother, niece, and nephew were shocked to witness what was happening in front of them. When she continued to record him, the man tried to hit her again but was stopped by a kind man from the shop next to the bakery.

She has already lodged a police report, they’re only waiting for the authority to take action, road bullies like this should be punished.

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(Source: Facebook)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lam

    November 13, 2017 at 13:22

    He should be charged with assault and battery to prevent road bully from getting away with it. Maximum penalty should be imposed on him if he is found guilty by the court to act as a deterrent for other road bully from committing the act of violence.

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