[VIDEO] Primary School Boys Vaping In Video Goes Viral, Netizens Are Concerned - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Primary School Boys Vaping In Video Goes Viral, Netizens Are Concerned

We know that vape is popular right now as it is more affordable than e-cigarettes and it is like a portable shisha! Many smokers have switched over to vape as it is a healthier option, the Public Health England also stated that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Though it sounds like a good option, it still contains nicotine, which is bad for your children. They shouldn’t be exposed to such toxicity at such a young age!

However, it is sad to see that a group of young schoolboys going to town with a vaporizer. The boys, believed to be from a school in Indonesia, were recording a video of themselves sharing a vape, inhaling and blowing out the smoke as they pass the vaporizer around.

Netizens were furious as the video on Facebook went viral with over 57,000 shares and more than 6.6 million views since posting!

It is not stated where the boys got the vaporizer from, one of them could’ve stolen it from a family member and brought it to school, we wouldn’t know. But what we know is that the adults are irresponsible!

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You see, children are curious, they want to try everything, they think it’s cool to do something only grown-ups can do. This is why the adults need to take extra care of what they expose their children to. Teach them what is good and bad from a young age.

You may be wondering why did the teachers at the school not step in and punish the boys. The reason is that the parents of the children may potentially lodge a police report against the school and/or the teachers, resulting in getting fired or getting a bad reputation in the education system. 

Sadly, the teachers cannot discipline the children as they used to nowadays because parents these days are such enablers, one little red mark on the hand and they want to sue the school. But did you know your child misbehaved at school? Did you know your child bullied another student? 

Clarify the truth before jumping to conclusions. In this case, save your children’s lungs! If you don’t they’ll be having charcoaled lungs at the age of 15! 

Check out the viral video below and let us know your thoughts!

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(Source: Facebook)

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