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Woman Binge Watched ‘The Story Of Yanxi Palace’ In 7 Days Now Suffers Eye Stroke

No doubt everyone enjoys their long weekends differently, some turn into party animals while others prefer to stay at home. This woman in China belongs to the latter, but she took it to the extreme.

If you didn’t know, China’s National Day falls on October 1 and it comes with three public holidays. Coupled with the weekend and few days off, this woman surnamed Ting took the opportunity to binge watch the highly popular drama series, The Story Of Yanxi Palace as she finally had time to catch up on the episodes she missed and finished the entire drama in seven days.

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Apparently, the drama has 70 episodes in total where each one lasts about 45 minutes long. So, she started watching it on her notebook round the clock and took very minimum rest in between.

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However, on October 7, her vision on the left eye started becoming blurry and the next morning when she woke up, she could only see a person’s shadow at most with her left eye. She frantically went to seek medical treatment after that.

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She was diagnosed with anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION), or commonly known as an eye stroke.

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According to the ophthalmologist, this condition happens when the blood flow to the optic nerve is either blocked or reduced.

In Ting’s case, her eyes were terribly strained from facing computers at work and her notebook at home. Plus, the cold weather had greatly reduced the blood flow to her eyes.

Luckily, she sought medical attention immediately, which increased her chances for full recovery.

An expert pointed out that eye strokes are a relatively painless condition where it can rapidly decrease one’s vision without warning and in some severe cases, the condition is irreversible if the patient does not seek for treatment.

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The expert added that looking at the smartphone screen in total darkness is one of the biggest causes of an eye stroke. If you must do that, remember to turn on the desk lamp and keep the phone-scrolling session to below 30 minutes.

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Remember not to binge watch your favorite series for hours on ends. Share this with your friends and family! 

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