Woman In China Found Sanitary Pad Inside Hotpot Twice In Two Consecutive Days - The Coverage

Woman In China Found Sanitary Pad Inside Hotpot Twice In Two Consecutive Days

Can someone’s luck actually be this bad?

A woman surnamed Ni was enjoying her hotpot mean on September 28 when she suddenly pulled out a paper-like object, which she claimed to be a sanitary pad from the pot.

It is learned that the appalling incident happened at the famous hotpot chai Haidilao in Shenzhen, China.

Following Ni’s unpleasant discovery, the restaurant manager explained to her that the ‘paper’ wasn’t a sanitary pad but a piece of paper that was used to wrap the meat. However, she didn’t buy the explanation and proved her point by putting the ‘sanitary pad’ next to the actual meat-wrapping paper used in the shop.

Source: The Star

She reportedly demanded compensation from the management but was rejected, which forced her to return the next day for another discussion. Being surrounded by hotpots, the negotiation got heated up, Ni and her friend who tagged along started damaging the furniture around them.

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The police had to be called in and she was asked to pay for the damaged property. Eventually, the restaurant agreed to refund 800 yuan (RM483) to Ni to bury the hatchet.

Ni went to another hotpot restaurant the next day and claimed to have found another sanitary pad in the hotpot.

This time, it was Chongqing Impression restaurant that had the pleasure of hosting Ni, and the manager wasn’t as nice as the first one.

The police were called in immediately because of the restaurant suspected foul play as Ni demanded compensation over the same reason in two consecutive nights. In was unclear how the second incident was resolved but when contacted by reporters Ni told a different story.

Source: The Star

Ni said,

“I don’t need compensation, I just want to expose these unsanitary conditions.”

Needless to say, Ni had shared the pictures of the sanitary pad online and stirred up a commotion. Some criticized the hygiene of the restaurants while others saw her as a scammer.

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What do you think? Do you think Ni really did find sanitary pads during both occasions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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