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This Woman’s Wedding Photos Are Not With Her Groom But With Her Grandfather

This is so touching! It’s the unconditional love from grandparents to granddaughter vice versa.

25-year-old Fu Xue Wei from Chengdu, China, recently made headlines when her wedding photos went viral on Chinese social media. What made her photos viral was the fact that the man in the photos is not her groom but her very own grandfather.

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According to Xue Wei, her parents divorced when she was in elementary school (10-years-old) and she was brought up by her grandparents. Although her grandfather was strict, she was very much loved by him and he would always give her extra pocket money behind her grandmother’s back.

She was looked after by them until she left China for further studies in Switzerland and Singapore at the age of 18. Xue Wei formed a deep bond with her grandparents and has always treated them as close friends.

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She talks to them about her study progress, her travels, and her relationship problems with them. She takes them on holidays abroad and even to nightclubs!

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It is understood that her grandfather suffered a cerebral stroke and also a heart disease and collapsed at home two years ago while she was taking a bath, as a result, half his body was paralyzed. Xue Wei spent roughly three months in the hospital taking care of her grandfather by massaging his body and helping him move about.

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However, he suddenly suffered a stroke in last September and was then sent to the hospital immediately, his body went from bad to worse.

At age 87, not only his health worsened, his memory began to fade, as he would often forget things. Xue Wei was worried and could not imagine how it would be like to lose her grandfather one day.

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Thus, on December 7, 2017, Xue Wei used ‘hospital check-up’ as an excuse, to lie to her grandmother and brought her grandfather to a photo studio for a wedding photoshoot. Her grandfather had an IV drip set on his right hand when he is taking these wedding photos.

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She said,

“I want you to see me at my most beautiful moment. I’m very worried and afraid that you will not be able to see me on my wedding day. It doesn’t matter who I’m wearing this dress for, but Grandpa is the one who must see it with his own eyes!

“I hope by doing this, I am able to express my love for my grandpa in many ways, and also hope that my other half and my children would come to know my grandpa’s appearance.”

Source: Oriental Daily

She arranged all this because her grandfather has always wanted to see her become a bride. Due to her career, she doesn’t plan to get married anytime soon. But she is worried he won’t live long enough to see her tie the knot with someone.

“My grandfather would be the one to give me away on my wedding. Because I don’t know if he could live long enough to see that, I wanted to make sure he could do that now.”

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Source: Oriental Daily

Almost a month ago, Xue Wei got a tattoo of her grandfather’s portrait on her right arm. Due to the pain from the tattooing process, she was only able to get some patterns on. She added,

“After some time, I’ll go back and get the shoulders and the bow tie done.”

Source: Oriental Daily

Xue Wei would like the public to know that everyone has the rights to express their love, however, she advises netizens not to follow exactly what she did as this is her own way of expressing her love for her grandfather, she wants everyone to do it in their own way. 

What are your thoughts on this? Share with us how you show your love for your spouse, parents, and/or grandparents!

Source: News2Read

Source: News2Read

Source: News2Read

Source: News2Read

(Source: Oriental Daily)

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