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The Coverage’s March 2017 Pick: Jade Rasif – An EDM Enthusiast And A Talented Songwriter!!!

Jade Rasif isn’t only a beautifully stunning woman with great features and curves, she is also an EDM lover and she has impressive skills at songwriting!

Before we enjoy her beauty, let’s take a moment to get to know her better…

Since young, Jade has been travelling between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Despite growing up in two major cities, she was still far away from the EDM culture, as she was barely exposed to it till she made her first sneak in when she was 15.

And in an instant, Jade fell in love with the hip hop and dirty dutch music that they were playing. It was like a culture shock to her because the music was just so foreign to her and yet it completely left her in fascination!


When she was only 19, she would usually spend her nights clubbing at Clark Quay, Singapore, and her beauty did not go by unnoticed as she managed to hook up with one of the resident DJs in 2014.

In her partner’s home, there was a little controller that had sparked her curiosity and her fascination for small items made her wanted to learn how to DJ, though initially, she had no intentions of going pro with the skills that she had obtained.

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One night of a random exposure led Jade to stand and perform under the beaming lights, behind the DJ deck. This exotic looking beauty first started out DJ-ing about one and a half years ago and had the time of her life. She did, however, face different challenges as the days went by.

And Jade admits that a few of the hard things about DJ-ing are the long hours, the constant repeat in mistakes as well as the constant waves of negative criticisms.

“Trust me, there is NO WORSE feeling than making a mistake and having an entire club stare at you. My heart just sinks. Luckily people have been really nice and supportive <3”

At one point, something snapped! A new light of opportunity and hope came knocking at her door and made her realise that she needed something new to explore…that’s when she tried out writing her own songs and worked hard to produce them.

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Nothing in life comes easy, as Jade kept facing problems one after another as she tried her best to produce songs. She had always thought it would be easy to compose a song as she already had 5-years experience in composing songs with a piano, but she admits that it was silly of her to think that way.

Jade also gives a big a salute and appraisal to whomever that does this on the daily, as she claims that it was one of the hardest things that she had to do in her life.

She constantly strives to achieve perfection as she constantly wants to impress her parents. Her parents have been very supportive towards her, as they had sent her to ballet, speech and drama, Latin dance, Chinese dance classes and many others just to get rid of her stage fright. However, her parents are in a bit of a disapproval of the outfits she wears when she performs but it still doesn’t stop her from moving forward to greater heights.

Even though she performed her solo act on National TV, in front of 15,000 audiences without breaking down, she still struggles when it comes to class presentations. Isn’t she just too precious?

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Needless to say, her parents were super proud of her!

Jade doesn’t wish to give up or quit her line of profession anytime soon as she has set her mind to ensure she is able to make people move and dance to her music. And of course, making an impact through her music.

Despite being a hardworking young lady, she does wish that she was a bat or rather have the ability to sleep like one, as bats do spend at least 19.9 hours sleeping. Isn’t that what everyone else wishes for anyways?

This happy bunny does hope that in the next 20 years she would be a hot mother that sends her 2 kids to ballet classes with her very own Nissan Rouge while being accompanied by a fluffy white dog. A very detailed vision of her future right there, don’t you think so? Haha

Let’s hope to see more of her interesting life stories as she blooms in the industry!


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