Tok Puan, Oldest Lady In Malaysia And Probably In The World Says She Owes Her Longevity To Eating Ulam Daily!!! - The Coverage

Tok Puan, Oldest Lady In Malaysia And Probably In The World Says She Owes Her Longevity To Eating Ulam Daily!!!

Have you ever imagine what it would be like outliving SIX husbands?? Well, no we are not talking about your 6th marriage while you are still in your 40s.

source: Sinar Harian

We are talking about a senior citizen in Kedah who claims to be 120 years old! That’s older than the oldest person in the world, Violet Brown, 117 years-old.

This great-grandma who goes by the name Tok Puan is from Kampung Bendahara, Kodiang. It is believed that she was born on April 12, 1896, however, due to technical issues with her birthdate on her IC, she can’t obtain the title of being the oldest in the world.

It appears that Tok Puan’s IC number that starts with ’96’ had gotten much the attention from the media back in 2012 since it would simply indicate that she was born in 1996 rather than 1896! What an error?! Oh well, nothing really changed for this ‘young’ lady as she still seems to be fairly healthy.

source: MStar

Tok Puan who is a mother of 4, has 19 grandchildren and 60 great grandchildren! Damn…Hari Raya would be a blast just for this one family as it would feel like the whole village is cramped up in one house.

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Want to know what’s her secret to living a long life, almost effortlessly? Well, according to Tok Puan, she believes that eating raw vegetables (or better known as ulam) since young and of course, she has only relied on traditional medicine for minor illnesses over the years!

source: My Metro

It also appears that she can still move around without any help and her eardrums are working just fine. She does claims that her eyesight is not as sharp as it used to be, though. Oh! And she sleeps more these days, cause she easily gets tired.

Who said coffee were bad? Tok Puan still makes her own coffee every day and she still cooks!

Her four children seem to be taking good care of her, as they take turns to accommodate her. Well, we wish you a long life, Tok Puan! Hope you will get to see another generation of offsprings.

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