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Top 9 Natural Beauty Korean Actresses Without Plastic Surgery

When we gaze upon Korean actresses, we spontaneously think about plastic surgery. This is due to the fact that Korea are famous for its ‘ugly to beauty’ plastic surgery procedure. Increasing number of men and women nowadays from all over the world who want to change their appearance and look would visit the plastic surgery capital, Korea and could modify their appearance as long as you have money.

Contrary to popular belief, not all Koreans had done plastic surgery. This is because plastic surgery could lead to many factor of catastrophic result. On top of that, 70% Korean men HATES woman with plastic surgery! Why? as modern thinking as they are, Korean men are more traditional ‘old school think’ when comes to picking a wife or mother of their future children, they prefer natural beauty!

Here are 9 Korean actresses that have natural beauty from young age to present:

1. Yoona (Girls Generation)

Best known for being one of the member of popular kpop group, Girls Generation. Yoona is among the natural beautiful Koreans woman. She also voted as most beautiful woman in 2013 by Independent Critics and choosen as most beautiful Asian by China Magazine.

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2. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee started her career in the popular drama stairway to heaven but it is her beautiful and charismatic eyes that loved by her fans. She also took part in popular and high budget dramas such as IRIS, Love Story in Harvard, My Princess and also starting to involve in Japanese drama.

3. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is one of the most popular South Korean actresses working today, she make a popular debut in stairway to heaven and rise her to stardom. In 2015, she was included in Forbes list of ’40 Most Powerful Celebrities’in Korea.

4. Sandra Park (2NE1)

Sandara Park also known by her stage name Dara, is a South Korean singer, dancer, actress, model, and host. Seen as one of the few most influential Korean stars in the Philippines due to the success of her multifaceted career, she was given the honorific national title “Pambansang krungkrung ng Pilipinas”, and was nicknamed the “BoA of the Philippines” by Korean fans.

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5. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye-kyo is a South Korean actress. She gained popularity through her leading roles in television dramas Autumn in My Heart (2000), All In (2003), Full House (2004), That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013) and in the pan-Asia hit Descendants of the Sun (2016). She has also starred in films Hwang Jin Yi (2007), The Grandmaster (2013) and The Queens (2015).

6. Song Ji Hyo

Cheon Seong-im better known by her stage name Song Ji-hyo, is a South Korean actress and model. She first made her acting debut in Wishing Stairs (2003), one of the films in the Whispering Corridors film series. Her notable roles include being the ballerina Min Hyo-rin in the popular television series Princess Hours (2006). Song gained international fame for being the only female member of the popular Korean variety show Running Man, which made her popularity rise across Asia. Her strong and easy-going personality endeared her to many Korean and international fans.

7. Moon Geun Young

Moon Geun-young is a South Korean actress. Affectionately called the “Nation’s Little Sister,” Moon began modeling at the age of 10, then made her acting debut in 1999 as a child actress. She first rose to stardom through her role as the young Eun-suh in the hugely popular television drama series Autumn in My Heart (2000), followed by a well-received turn in Kim Jee-woon’s critically acclaimed horror film A Tale of Two Sisters (2003).

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8. Jang Na Ra

Jang Na-ra is a South Korean singer and actress active in the South Korean and Chinese entertainment industries. She is known for her hit song Sweet Dream and TV roles in New Nonstop, Successful Story of a Bright Girl, Bratty Princess, Baby Faced Beauty, School 2013, My Love Patzzi, Fated to Love You and I Remember You.

9. Han Ga In

Han Ga-in is a South Korean actress. She starred in television series Yellow Handkerchief and Terms of Endearment early in her career, and became a sought-after model in commercials. Her projects in 2012 were hugely successful, with her period drama Moon Embracing the Sun topping the TV ratings chart, and her film Architecture 101 becoming a box office hit.

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