[VIDEO] Mailman Captured On CCTV Petting 5 Adorable Dogs When Their Owner Is Out - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Mailman Captured On CCTV Petting 5 Adorable Dogs When Their Owner Is Out

When our day gets busy and hectic, we tend to forget that we need to take a break sometimes, but not this mailman!

According to home owner Aaron Hernandez, a Texas-based man who owns 5 adorable Labradors, the mailman routinely pets his dogs whenever he’s out on delivery.

“He’s a new mailman around the neighborhood and I noticed it a couple of times. I thought it was time to share with everybody!”

The video that was uploaded on YouTube received over 830,000 views!

The mailman could be seen approaching the 5 pooches in the video, they greeted him warmly with tails wagging as though they’ve known him for the longest time.

The man took his time to pet each and every one of the dogs, making sure none of them goes unloved!

He made sure to pet the one on the far right too!

Aaron added,

“I think it was really caring and loving that he took time out of his busy day to do that.”

Aaron posted a picture of his adorable doggies on Twitter.

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The internet reacted:

If everyone has the same thinking and love for animals like the mailman, the world would be a much better place. We need more people like this on earth, animals give us a sort of comfort that no humans can ever give us. 

Those who are not animal lovers, I urge you and try to bond with a stray dog or cat, invest your time in getting to know them whenever you can, you’ll slowly find yourself more calmer and happier in life!

Have a look at the heartwarming video here, and let us know what you think!

(Source: Bored Panda / YouTube)

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