[VIDEO] This Could Be The Most Stubborn Street Fight Of All Times In Malaysia!!! It Lasted For 2 Hours Long!!! - The Coverage

[VIDEO] This Could Be The Most Stubborn Street Fight Of All Times In Malaysia!!! It Lasted For 2 Hours Long!!!

Two female drivers clashed heads (actually their egos) when both of them refused to back down and allow the other person to move away. This extreme display of stubbornness even lasted for a solid 2-hours! Probably, this could end up in “How to waste your 2017” list.

According to Malaysian Digest, the whole incident happened in a back alley in Jalan Dato Abdul Rahman, Seremban around 11 am on Thursday.

Apparently, things got worse when one of the drivers showed vulgar signs and even flashed off her black bra. Obviously, everyone was quick to pick up on the news, since it was funny, embarrassing and pointless.

Usually, drivers that get stuck in the narrow alley, that has cars parked at one side of it, they would do the honours of reversing and giving way to the other person, however, clearly, these two were in it for the “pride”.

What’s even more surprising is that the lady that showed off her bra, told a reporter that she was shocked to see the backlash that she received from the public. How can you not see that coming?

And other drivers that witnessed the whole drama, was shaking their heads in embarrassment.

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At the end of it all, the police had to step in to break off the fight and no reports were filed.

Take a look at the video below:

Di beritakan berlaku di miri Sarawak. Kedua dua kereta bertembung di lorong kecil dengan ego masing masing tidak mahu memberi laluan Myvi dengan nissan almera. Pekara selesai lepas 2 jam setelah polis masuk campur hal ini.#caption asal08_JAN_2017MIRI_SARAWAK2_VIDEO_FOTOWWN1763~ LU LANGSI GUA CABUT LARI 😂 ~This is what really happen during the case that happened recently at Jalan Dato Abdul Rahman where a MYVI and ALMERA met each other at the alley and either one don't want to give way peacefully, end up police officer came. According to source it takes about 2 hours.Check out the owner of MYVI with such an attitude. You do the judging.See Full – http://bit.ly/2iT9mPh

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