[VIDEO] WHAT?! 20 Kids Seen Exiting From The Same Car In India - The Coverage

[VIDEO] WHAT?! 20 Kids Seen Exiting From The Same Car In India

We’ve seen a family of 5 on a motorbike in Vietnam, about 100 people were in and on a bus in India, but we haven’t seen 20 children coming out from ONE CAR before.

That’s right, one car! What is this, a clown car? Nope, it is just your average 4 seater car!

Every child that exited the vehicle was dressed in colorful traditional Indian dresses. They all looked very happy as the man filming was counting the children.

Several netizens noted that this is a fake stunt as some of the children were entering the car from the right side and exiting on the left where the cameraman was.

Whether it is true or it is just a fake stunt, let us all enjoy the video as a gag! Plus no one was hurt in the making of the video, so why are you getting all butt hurt?

Some netizens even joked about the video,

Watch the video below, and have a good laugh!

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