Vivian Chan - A Petite & Fierce Singaporean Muay Thai Fighter Turned Coach Trains Women With Traumatic Pasts! - The Coverage

Vivian Chan – A Petite & Fierce Singaporean Muay Thai Fighter Turned Coach Trains Women With Traumatic Pasts!

We all know a female acquaintance of ours that has been hurt over and over again because of their love matter but we never knew how to help her out, right? Maybe, you can suggest to her to get signed up for a Muay Thai class? If she lives or works in Singapore that is…

Because we have recently discovered a tiny but rare gem that offers classes for ladies who have been cheated on, be it cheated on love or money or in any other form that there is.

Vivian Chan is a petite lady who is the co-founder of Encore, the one and only Singapore all-female gym that utilises and incorporates Muay Thai into fitness to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Do not let her 156cm height fool you, as this lady could knock you out cold under a minute!

At a ‘fragile’ age of 17, Vivian was introduced to Muay Thai and San Da boxing by her uncle. After her first lesson, she has never thought of backing out of it.

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7 years later, together with Natalie Soh, the empowering female duo opened up Encore! At first, this gym was opened for both men and women to come and train, however, after developing a special bond with their female trainees, both Vivian and  Natalie decided to run this world with only female participants. You must wonder what made the drastic move, right?


No worries, rather than being sexists, they were purely driven by the determination to empower women who felt negative about themselves. The both of them knew that these ‘fragile’ women were a lot stronger than they had realised and hence they wanted to bring those strong women out of their shells!

Vivian isn’t someone who by chance decided to become a trainer and ended up being one. She had been participating in countless competitions throughout the years before she got severely injured and had to stop fighting competitively. It would have been a waste not only for her but for us women too if she had stopped altogether her presence in Muay Thai!


After Vivian started her coaching classes and passing on her knowledge and skills that she had accumulated, she begins to notice that most of her female students were victims of being cheated out of love and money by men. And after few more classes, the students were opening up their traumatic pasts to the 24-year-old. Vivian surely has an understanding and gentle side to her, as she had not ever experienced such unfortunate events but she still was able to feel the degree of pain that these ladies were going through.

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This master trainer also mentioned that these situations were actually very common. Two of her own friends got cheated in the same manner. According to Vivian, these manipulative guys would threaten their ladies by saying things like, “If you love me, you will help me financially to get through this hurdle” or even continuously harassed the woman and her family.


This was what that made Vivian turn her gym into an all-female training centre! Creating a safe place for women to build up themselves, physically, emotionally and mentally. Truly inspiring and motivating, right?

Ever since Vivian has seen a lot of these women change for the better as they are more confident with their own presence and needless to say that they are even stronger physically now!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for women to empower themselves! If you are in Singapore, please do yourselves a favour and get yourself registered. For the rest of us women who are residing in other countries, we just got to hope that soon there will be more gyms that are female-oriented like Encore, till that day comes don’t be afraid to be strong on your own. You can do it…you can be just as amazing and as powerful as Vivian!

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