Woah! Rosmah's Alleged Exclusive Smartphone Is Said To Be Worth RM73,000!!! - The Coverage

Woah! Rosmah’s Alleged Exclusive Smartphone Is Said To Be Worth RM73,000!!!

Kids go play far away, this is the big and rich kids toys!

Recently, coco01 shared a post claiming that our Prime Minister’s wife, Rosmah had shown off her latest luxury collection during an event.

source: coco01

Nope, it isn’t a new branded handbag or an expensive-as-hell jewellery. This time around sharp eyes noticed her exclusive Vertu Ti smartphone.

The name doesn’t ring any bells, right? (Of course, unless if you are a tech pro) Because this is a brand that is so exclusive that only a handful of people in this world could (and would) actually own one!

Can you imagine that all the mobile phones that were made by this company are all done by ONE craftsman??!! What’s more exclusive about this brand is not only that, the materials that the company uses are not of the ordinary…exceptional materials like ruby, sapphire and titanium are used.

And they are full on with the whole idea of personalisation so that each ‘masterpiece’ matches the owner’s personal needs perfectly.

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Okay, for an ordinary person like myself, I am not impressed with its specs, cause it feels like any average smartphone in the market can easily top this off, but I guess the exclusiveness of having something so unique and sturdy in terms of the materials used then yala…she win lor!

What is, even more, jaw-dropping is the fact that one of this ‘babies’ could easily go up to a whopping price of RM73,000! I could easily own 2 other local made cars with that kind of money…==

It was claimed by a few tech sources that the Titanium Black Leather version of this phone is pricing at RM34,500, the Titanium Pure Black at RM41,200 and the Black PVD Titanium Red Gold priced at RM73,000.

Not sure if the claims are true about Rosmah really owning this phone model (as this company really does manufacture customised phone models that look totally different from any other phone), but wow…who else want to own this smartphone now?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Siti

    June 12, 2018 at 09:48

    Solid evidence of the rich enjoying luxurious lifestyle. And they don’t care about the poor. Shameless Rosmah.Spending rakyat. money.

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