Woman Gave A List Of Rules To Her Nephew On How To Treat Her Dog When Pet-Sitting - The Coverage

Woman Gave A List Of Rules To Her Nephew On How To Treat Her Dog When Pet-Sitting

Have you ever felt that guilt when you bring your pet to a boarding place because you’ll be traveling and unable to bring them along? I know that feeling very well, but sometimes sending them to get boarded will also cost you a bomb. So get your friends or family to house sit your pet and at the same time take care of your house! Or bring your pet to their house so they can look after them.

That is what Tommy Rivers went through when he agreed to look after his auntie’s dog Pepper for a day. But little did Tommy know, Pepper came with a set of rules prepared by his auntie.

Since he found them hilarious, he decided to share it with the world via Twitter, and the internet fall in love with his auntie and of course, with Pepper as well!

The note was pretty detailed right down to how much and when to feed Pepper, and more! It starts by stating that Pepper is the prettiest girl in the world, and ends with ‘don’t you hate her cause you ain’t her’.

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How cute is that!

Pepper has purple accessories attached to her ears and tail, and with her cute facial expression, it is safe to say that she knows just how pretty she looks!

People of Twittersphere just couldn’t take it and kept asking for updates on the pooch. At the end of the day, Tommy posted an adorable photo of Pepper in pajamas with the caption:

“You made her really happy and now she’s going to bed.”

Here are some of the reactions from other Twitter users,

What about you? Were you smitten by Pepper and now a fan of the pup like the rest of us? 

(Source: Bored Panda / Twitter)






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