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[YOUTHFUL] 56-Year-Old Korean Actress Looks Barely 30

Talk about youthful looks, we sure know the saying ‘Asian don’t raisin’ is true at this point! Just look at how many Asians we have that looks so young despite their age! This goes to show that drinking lots of water and maintaining a good exercise routine does help tremendously.

Meet the beautiful Korean actress Suh Jung Hee, she is already 56 years old but she looks less than 30!

Her flawless skin, big round eyes, and beautifully toned body are not common among people in their 50’s. You know we’d be getting freckles here and there, wrinkles around our face and the smile like will be extra defined.

The young-looking actress is known as the Suzy and Seolhyun of the 80’s and 90’s. Korean comedian Lee Young Ja said,

“Her popularity back then was Suzy and Seolhyun combined!”

With her beautiful and youthful look, there wasn’t a popular commercial that didn’t feature her! Suh Jung Hee herself admitted,

“I filmed about 40 to 50 commercials that were broadcast. I also shot about 50 to 60 commercials that were never revealed.”

However, Suh Jung Hee did not maintain her looks and youthfulness by just sitting around and only eating healthy, she does it through ballet. It can consider as a type of sport that can get your blood pumping and cardio workout going.

Her ballet instructor said,

“It’s almost impossible for even people in their 20’s to do what she does.”

Suh Jung Hee is truly an inspiration for the Korean girls, if you wish to look as youthful as her, do not forget to drink LOTS of water and exercise regularly. 

(Source: Koreaboo)

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