YouTube Rewind 2017 is Here! Fidget Spinner, Ed Sheeran, 'Despacito', Jake Paul and No Pewdiepie - The Coverage

YouTube Rewind 2017 is Here! Fidget Spinner, Ed Sheeran, ‘Despacito’, Jake Paul and No Pewdiepie


YouTube Rewind has become a sort of signifier that reminds us that the year is ending soon. The annually YouTube recap video was dropped 2 am this morning.

If you don’t know, YouTube Rewind is a recap video that tries its best to summarize the entire YouTube community and pop culture of the year. The video company invites top YouTube content creators all over the world to create a gigantic mashup overlayed with the hottest songs of the year.

youtube rewind 2017

It is the sixth time YouTube has done it as it first debuted in 2011.

This year’s title is The Shape of 2017

Yup, Ed Sheeran bags the platform this year. The title is a homage to Ed’s song “Shape of You”. Other songs that were featured in YouTube Rewinds are Despacito by Luis Fonsi, I am the One by DJ Khaled, Humble by Kendrick Lamar, Stay by Zedd, Mans Not Hot by Big Shaq, Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders and All Star by Smash Mouth. The latter three are for meme reasons.

There are two scenes we found are related to songs too:

1. New Rule by Dua Lipa

dua lipa

Original scene from the music video:dua lipa

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2. Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

taylor's swift look what you made me do

Original scene from the music video:taylor swift

10 Notable highlights

The ultimate mashup that runs for 5 minutes and 40 seconds is packed with many you-blink-you-miss moments. It features nearly 300 creators, viral stars, musicians, and surprise guests from over 20 countries. Full list here.

Therefore, we are here to help you to see better by highlighting the 10 most interesting things from the video.

1. Fidget Spinner!fidget spinner

Dubbed as the retarded trend of the history. The scene features vlogger and rapper, KSI. It was a cool scene though.

2. Salt Babe Meme

salt babe

The very meme that made us salivate early this year. The scene features Rekt and Link from Good Mythical Morning talkshow and another guy we cannot recognize. Can you help us out here? Tell us in the comment.

3. Lele Pons and Liza Koshy

lele and Liza Koshy

The duo starts off the video! How about that? #TeamLele

You may not watch Liza Koshy’s videos but we think you may have seen her gifs! Let us show you one:

Liza Koshy gif
Source: giphy

4. Shooting Star Meme

shooting star meme

The meme that lets you slip into the abyss of space, bloodstream, and oceans. The song of the meme is indeed Shooting Star by Bag Raiders. Are you hearing the tune in your head now? 

5. The Floor is Lava Challenge

the floor is lava + poppy

You thought 2016 challenge trend was over? This is the very trend that causes many public humiliations and property damage—all of it for a good laugh.

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The scene features Poppy, the innocent doll-like girl that makes videos to freak you out.

6. Mans Not Hot even above lava

mans not hot

The guy that goes skrrrahh, skidiki-pap-pap. Big Shaq is the man that claims for the rest of his kind that they would never feel hot in his hit song titled Mans Not Hot.

In the video, we see him on top of the lava while he sings the song. Truly hilarious!

7. Backpack kid slaying it!

backpack kid

The dance move of 2017. Dubbed as the backpack kid, Russell Horning was such a huge sensation on the internet he was invited to SNL to perform the Backpack Dance with Kety Perry.

Let’s just say he is the replacement for the prior year Damn Daniel meme.

8. Marshmallo spinning Fidget Spinner


Yikes. Maybe it is not Christian Comstock himself under the mask. His songs are too good to be coming from a fidget spinner.

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9. Team 10 vs Logang

paul gang

The brother-duo with two different YouTuber channels that created more drama than the entire academy award ever recorded. They can be said as the Hemsworth brothers of YouTube world—without the drama, of course.

10. No Pewdiepie


Pewdiepie, the most subscribed YouTuber on the platform, was not invited to the mashup. He was blamed by many YouTubers as the root cause of ad-pocalyse on YouTube after he made ‘Death to all Jews’ joke while having history of parodying Adolf Hitler.

Real fans understand his comedic intention was an honest mistake but his actions had pushed a lot of brands away from YouTube advertisement. His joke created a ripple effect and caused many YouTubers’ videos demonitized from ad profit.

Right now, he runs a Christain channel that creates family-friendly content about respecting women. All is well for him now.

Say no more. Let’s enjoy YouTube Rewind 2017:

YouTube has made a trivia game to test your knowledge on the year’s most popular videos, too. Check it out here.

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